Here at MarketingHipHop, we don’t only like to pick on the mistakes of the newcomers and the unprofessional, but also stand back, and look at the big dogs, remarking “now THAT’S how you do it,” or “with all their money and manpower, what the hell were they thinking?”

After all, hip hop, for better or for worse, has become one of the more potent tools in corporate America’s advertising toolbox, and while we have seen it go horribly wrong (Duncan Hines’ insanely racist or at the very least, terribly culturally insensitive, and in either case, pretty stupid ‘Hip Hop Cupcakes‘), there have been many instances when hip hop friendly corporations tie into the demographic with wisdom and respect.

The Atlanta Post recently published a short piece, “Case Study: The Best and the Worst Hip-Hop Inspired Marketing Campaigns,”┬ádetailing just such campaigns, from successes like Michael Jordan/Nike/Mos Def and Ciroc/Diddy, to failures like Axe/T.I. and Three Olives/Lil’ Kim (however, glaringly missing the aforementioned ‘blackface’ cupcakes).

Though the analysis was pretty single-minded (for the most part only quoting Greg Street of Syndicate Media Group), the examples chosen were good ones.

Which leads us to ask: What are your favorite or most-despised marketing or advertising campaigns utilizing hip hop music/culture/celebrity?

Let us know in the comments below.

Air Jordan XVI Much Respect

Duncan Hines – Hip Hop Cupcakes

3 Responses to The Best and the Worst Hip Hop Inspired Marketing Campaigns
  1. My favorite blend of hip-hop in advertising is Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours Revisited in a Kia commercial featuring hip-hop Hamsters. McDonalds switching to an urban pitch in their commercials in the last few years. I’m Lovin’ It?

  2. Hip Hop Cupcakes? LMFAO!
    This is my new favorite site!

  3. Bread $ Butta records


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