21Jul 2015

Miscellaneous observations using a topic may not be ample to make an attained educational essay. An nursing dissertations should have an argument. It has to solution something or even a couple of relevant concerns (see 2 under). It should aim to establish something-build a solitary thesis or simply a limited number of carefully connected points-by […]

01Apr 2011

If you are an entity that thinks online marketing or social media management are intern or entry-level positions, you simply do not understand online marketing or social media management, and could very likely cause harm to your brand and reputation many times before you realize what you’re doing wrong.

01Jun 2009

Now, I am in no position at this time to spin any records, hook up any artists, or even listen and/or respond to, the dozens of pieces of new music that comes across my e-desk on any given day. But, for whatever reason, I decided to click on it. It’s a zShare link, we’re all pretty familiar with them. I got a pop-up. I closed the pop-up. There was a link that said “skip this ad”. I sighed, and clicked the link. Then the zShare countdown showed 45 secords before my download would begin. I almost closed the window. Normally, I would have. Luckily, I’m lethargic tonight.

08Mar 2009

Looking for commission-only sales for your hip-hop blog/website? People who are talented at sales, and business development, (because selling advertising on your blog or site is more than sales, there is targeting, analyzing and strategic planning to be done here), probably won’t work for commission, especially when it is something that is very difficult to sell. You might get people who AREN’T very good at it, and sure, you don’t have to pay them anything, but you probably won’t get much accomplished either. Meanwhile, these people will potentially blow through your leads, or even worse, be unprofessional, turning off potential advertisers to the brand. When you DO get someone good enough to sell, there won’t be many places left that will take you seriously.

25Feb 2009

The head of the Republican Party states that he wants to “convey that the modern-day GOP looks like the conservative party that stands on principles. But we want to apply them to urban-surburban hip-hop settings,” with a plan to implement a PR campaign to update the GOP brand that will be “avant garde” and “will surprise everyone – off the hook.” Um. Really?

03Feb 2009

Basically, ALIstRadio allows DJs, some very well known, others moderately so, to rock a show for 2-hour timeslots, with live audio and video streaming to the net. The night I first listened, I checked Bobby Trends show and he had on Uncle Murda and Mickey Factz. The combo of these two alone was something you wouldn’t normally get on commercial radio, and the whole AListRadio structure struck me as an interesting, experiment in the internet radio world.

29Jan 2009

Up and coming rap cat Charles Hamilton, a rapidly rising blip on the rap radar (sorry Elliott Wilson), known to anyone due to his very effective internet marketing prowess, stumbled a bit the other night at NY club SOBs, when he voluntarily, and largely “for fun”, challenged battle-rap veteran Serius Jones to a bit of […]

28Jan 2009

When you have one of the most talked about record companies, in a not-so-great-for-record-companies business climate, such a change is drastic, and seems largely unexpected. The should have been more coordination to switch over so that at the very least, a visitor to Koch today would see the E1 logos, etc. The quicker you can acclimate your visitors, users, fans, followers to a new branding, especially one so definitive, the better, no?